Lexxic Website in Laptop

The Problem

  • The online presence of Lexxic did not echo the offline authority and industry expertise that it holds worldwide.

  • SEO performance over the 24 months prior to working with Eighteen, the website had no upward trajectory in terms of total keywords, page one keywords & traffic, a plateau across 24+ months.

  • Their main competitor was appearing in Google for 830 unique keywords that Lexxic weren’t. They also had 50 extra pages indexed in Google that Lexxic hadn’t.

Our Solution

  • We conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit to identify any issues present in the backend. Following this, all problems were fixed to ensure that Google could crawl the website with ease, leaving these issues untouched hinders organic growth within the search results.

  • On-page optimisation was completed sitewide to ensure that clear and concise keyword targeting is present for the target key terms, allowing Google to identify and rank the pages for the most relevant terms for users.

  • New and existing content was audited and refreshed where needed to ensure each page was clear and concise with the information provided for users. New pages, resources and blogs were created to improve the websites topical authority around each topic relevant to the business.


  • Total ranking keywords:
    • April 2023 – 557
    • April 2024 – 3,114
      • 459%

Lexxic SEO Results Keywords
  • Organic traffic:
    • April 2023 – 1,659
    • April 2024 – 3,467
      • 108.9%

Organic Traffic Results for Lexxic
  • PR
    • 2,655 unique brand mentions in publications worldwide.
      • ~2,000+ backlinks generated from high-authority publications.