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The Foundations of SEO

There are three main pillars in SEO; content, backlinks, and a fully optimised website. When these three aspects collide, money is made.

SEO Pyramid





  • At least 2742 words* on the homepage and key pages
  • Prove to Google you’re an expert in your field
  • Is helpful to the reader
  • Can be understood by a 5-year-old
  • Does not ruin the conversion rate
  • Frequent blog content


  • Usable on mobile
  • Loads within 3 secs
  • All buttons can be clicked
  • All text can be read
  • Conversions can be gained


  • Foundational links from business directories
  • Topical links from other websites in your field
  • Press/News links providing brand coverage

Partnering with Eighteen

Simple, easy and open, that is how our onboarding phase has been designed to be for those sick of the bullshit from SEO vendors.


We will work with you to help us gain access to the relevant platforms.

Kick-off call

Sit down with our SEO director, Callum, to kick-off our partnership.

Video reports

Receive a monthly video, filmed by Ben, to gain all the clarity you need.

24/7 access to your dashboard

Gain access to your dashboard where each monthly report (& video) is stored with a quick-view of all relevant KPIs next to our immediate contact info.

Alongside this, watch live-updates of all deliverables that are completed for your SEO being inputted into your dashboard for full transparency.

The First Five Months

This is a top-level look at the timeline of progression when we start our SEO campaigns. At each level, we’ll ask for your attention for onboarding and content tone of tone voice/nuance feedback.

First SEO month
Onboarding, researching, auditing, fixing
Second SEO month
Topical blog content
Third SEO month
Service page content
Fourth SEO month
On-site SEO optimisation
Fifth SEO month
Link building
Onboarding, researching, auditing, fixing
On-site SEO optimisation
Service page content
Topical blog content
Link building