Survey Hut

Survey Hut Website in Screen

The Problem

  • The website had near to no organic traffic, and subsiquently no conversions from the website, which was due to the lack of presence on page one of Google.

  • Technical problems were present throughout the site hindering growth as Google will not present the site to users when the user experience is poor.

  • PPC was the only form of leads generated through the site.

Our Solution

  • Complete migration to a new smoother, quicker and problem-free website.

  • Optimisation of all metadata across the existing pages to give Google clarity and context based on the purpose of the page, increasing rankings for target key terms.

  • Existing content was audited and replaced with a well-optimised, keyword-targeted copy to improve the website’s topical authority around each service (surveyors).


  • Total ranking keywords:
    • October 2023 – 99
    • March 2024 – 241
      • 143%

Survey Hut keyword results
  • Organic traffic:
    • October 2023 – 173
    • March 2024 – 585
      • 238%

Survey Hut Organic Traffic Results
  • Clicks vs Impressions in Google
    • 114 clicks vs 6,430 impressions
    • 268 clicks vs 37,700 impressions
      • 135% vs 486%

Clicks vs Impressions Survey Hut