Why PPC ads and content marketing go together

Let’s dive into how pay per click advertising and content marketing go hand in hand and compliment each other.

An incredibly easy and common mistake marketers make is letting each digital marketing ‘area’ silo itself into a standalone service.

This is wrong, and a huge mistake.

Yes, each service is different, but the correct marketing strategies involve a fully scoped out across the board approach.

You have to fight against viewing everything as black or white / one or zero.

In this article, we will explore the link between Google PPC ads and high-quality content writing.

How are PPC and content marketing linked?

Pay per click marketing through Google Adwords and/or Bing ads can be complimented with content marketing in a variety of ways.

A few examples include, but are not limited to, the below main two:

  • Landing page copywriting to increase conversions

  • Landing page copy to improve quality score on the Google ads campaigns themselves, ultimately aiming for increased optimised ads and lower cost per click

And if we assume that you want to improve both your PPC performance and content traffic (which of course, you should), then hopefully you’ll like this article.

PPC will get you traffic fast

In the world of search engine marketing, time frames are a topic that people shy away from. This is due to the simple fact that, in order to get results, you have to be patient. Ultimately then, SEO is a brave investment.

As, it’s unlike other streams where, if you do X, you’ll get Y. There’s a measurable ROI (return on investment) and ROAS (return on ad spend) from the offset.

However, traditionally with SEO, there is a general SEO strategy, and as you’re implementing it — if done correctly of course — Google can start to re-index your site in a better state.

Here’s a statistic which will put google rankings into perspective: More than 6 million blog posts are published every day…

No one will read this post, and it’s likely no one will read yours. But, it’s what you’re doing to your KEY service pages NOW, in order for them to rank in 12 months time and beyond, that matters.

So, what’s the quicker route? PPC.

Leveraging PPC ads to drive traffic to your website can give your brand some exposure and revenue.

Best of all, traffic derived from paid clicks will represent a large share of the target audience you’re already seeking to sell your brand, as of course they are already searching for that which you want them to search for.

This is where content comes in, though, as anyone can pay for clicks on Google – but what makes your landing page a better experience for the user than your competitors?

The answer is, if done right, – copy. Your content can help to differentiate your brand from other advertisers.

Use Google PPC ads to remind your market that you exist

PPC ads do NOT help your organic rankings or SEO efforts, at all.


They can lead to extra exposure and brand awareness that can allow your market to remember you, and organically find you at a later date.

Those who view paid ads are more likely to remember your brand when filling out future searches, even if subconsciously.

Alongside this, consistently running paid ads in Google’s result pages makes you appear more authoritative and prominent.

Dominate search engine (SERP) real estate

Your ultimate goal when it comes to anything regarding search engine marketing should be ‘how can I take up as much space in Google’s results pages as possible’.

The aim of any successful SEM campaign is to dominate the real estate above your competitors.

By utilising PPC, you can do just that, just for a cost of a click!

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