Sanity Launches New AI-Assisted Writing Tool for Content Teams in 2024

Sanity, a well revered content platform trusted by leading companies such as AT&T, Puma, Morning Brew, and Figma, has introduced a new AI-assisted writing tool named Sanity Create. This tool is a game-changer both for Sanity themselves and for content teams, seamlessly integrating with existing CMS to enable automated publishing across multiple channels. Announced at Sanity Connect, the company’s spring launch event, Create brings the entire content lifecycle, from creation and management to publishing, into one streamlined, AI-assisted workflow.

Platform Potential

Sanity Create simplifies and optimises content creation by combining cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) with Sanity’s Content Lake. This combination provides a rich contextual foundation for a writing environment that empowers professional content teams to boost creativity, improve quality, and increase the speed of content production – in addition to making it easier.

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Sanity Create’s Key Features

Rich Context Gathering

Collaborators can collect notes, briefs, plans, loose ideas, facts, and style guides to ensure that all relevant information is available to streamline the writing process. This feature centralises information, making it easier for teams to access and share insights for AI-assisted brainstorming and cohesive content strategies.

AI-Assisted Writing Environment

Within a distraction-free workspace, content writers and creators can rely on an AI ghostwriter that creates drafts for you, while you maintain full creative control. This feature allows creators to receive AI-assisted suggestions, expand on their ideas, and extrapolate the potential use-cases of their ideas.

Simultaneous Collaboration

Sanity Create enables your colleagues to contribute alongside your AI-assistant, facilitating seamless collaboration between humans and machines. This ensures that the final content output embodies the combined strengths of both AI assistance and human expertise and will not be flagged as run of the mill, spammy AI content. 

Automated Publishing

Generated content can be structured and staged in Sanity Studio with ease, ensuring efficient and consistent publishing. This automation, supported by AI assistance, reduces the manual work needed to prepare content for different platforms, speeding up the publication process and giving content creators more time to optimise campaigns in other areas (like digital PR, for example).

Incorporating AI-Assisted Content Creation

With projections indicating that 90% of online content will be AI-generated by 2026, Sanity Create is positioned to help businesses craft intentional, impactful material with AI assistance, as opposed to rinsing AI for all it’s worth, like some creators currently are. This tool ensures that content aligns with organisational goals while maintaining high quality, rigorous SEO optimisation and creative flair. 

Customer Endorsement and Vision

David Annez, VP of Product at loveholidays and a Sanity customer, noted that Sanity Create “unlocks the future we’ve imagined for our content workflows. It’s the missing piece for how editors work to create the best content out there.”

Magnus Hillestad, Sanity’s co-founder and CEO, highlighted the strategic value of managing content effectively: “We firmly believe that content can be a competitive advantage that drives businesses forward if managed strategically. Adding Create to the Sanity platform breaks more silos in the content lifecycle and unlocks new possibilities for teams to transform their business with content.” However, this does sound like somebody who has never heard the acronym “SEO” before…

AI-Assisted Content Management

By integrating Sanity Create, or an equivalent platform,  into their content strategy, businesses can harness the potential of AI to perpetuate their growth online. This tool allows teams to efficiently gather relevant context, receive AI assistance during drafting, collaborate simultaneously with other people (or machines), and automate publishing around the clock. In increasingly competitive sectors like content creation and SEO, Sanity Create enables companies to remain a cohesive unit  that transforms ideas into high-quality, strategically aligned content for their SEO campaigns.

With the capabilities of Sanity Create, content teams have the tools available to navigate a future where AI-assisted content becomes the status quo in SEO

Teams will discover that the unique capabilities of AI-assisted tools empower them to create better content faster too. The strategic advantage gained by using Sanity Create provides organisations with a more intentional approach to their content creation, positioning them at the forefront of content innovation and creativity – all whilst meeting client deadlines and enabling high rankings in the SERPs.