and Eighteen Discuss how Google views AI content for SEO

I tend to start almost every blog with a statement like ‘if you haven’t heard of or understood (insert marketing thing here), then you’ve been living under a rock.

Well, this is the case with AI. If you have experienced thoughts over the last decade about robots invading and taking over the world then you are most probably pretty normal.

But, this article isn’t about robots, it’s about SEO (thank god we stay on topic, eh?) and how artificial intelligence for SEO is becoming an increasingly more relevant thing to discuss.

Well, we have recently partnered with a brand you may not have heard of just yet, but one which you will eventually – is, in short, an artificial intelligence tool for SEO. But, beyond that surface, it is the only tool within 100s we have personally used at Eighteen that we trust and see its strength. And, with a plethora of AI-led tools within the tool, such as keyword research, writer’s block solutions, search query information, semantic keyword guidance and more, is a fantastic artificial intelligence tool for webmasters wherever you are.

Today, Torbjørn Flensted of and Ronnie Cane of Eighteen hosted a LinkedIn live event to look at Google’s recent statement quoted below and more. and 18 growth podcast

Google’s search liaison, Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan on Twitter), recently stated, in response to a discussion surrounding AI content being bad:

“We haven’t said AI content is bad. We’ve said, pretty clearly, content written primarily for search engines rather than humans is the issue.

That’s what we’re focused on. If someone fires up 100 humans to write content just to rank, or fires up a spinner, or a AI, same issue.

We did talk about a focus on content *by people* for people in our post about improvements like the helpful content system.

But the nuance is really that it’s unlikely some AI content is going to feel written by people without some degree of human review.

So if you’re an SEO trying to figure out how AI fits in with being successful or not on Google, you’re too focused on the tool not the content.

Is the content you’re producing helpful, reliable and people-first in nature? That’s what we’re looking for.”

Below you can click through and watch the recording of Ronnie and Torbjørn’s LinkedIn live event from the 16th of November 2022. In this live event, 18Growth and the best AI for SEO tool on the market, SEO.AI, discuss Danny Sullivan’s recent comments, common preconceptions and misconceptions in the marketing world and SEO industry on AI and provide a run-through of the tool itself.


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