Eighteen Providing Digital Support and Sponsorship to Greater Manchester Grass Roots

If you mentioned football or rugby to two of our three directors, Ronnie Cane and Mike Friend, you wouldn’t be able to stop them from talking… On the other hand, we have Callum Morris, who would just walk away from you…

Alas, my point is that we love rugby and football, and grew up playing for our own respective grassroots youth teams. Playing rugby as a young kid and teenager has an incredibly significant impact on your all-round development as a young person and adolescent. And, more specifically, on your discipline, respect, comradery, team-work and other social skills that come with belonging to such a strong and meaningful community and club.

So, when Eighteen was in the position to give something back to one of our local clubs, we jumped at the opportunity to do so.

18 growth sponsor rugby club 3

Eighteen are now a main shirt sponsor of a local grassroots youth rugby club. The brand sponsorship, along with becoming the club’s digital marketing partner for anything they may need in the future is a relationship in a local community that we are proud of.

18 growth sponsor rugby club 1 1

Lastly, we helped the rugby club move away from its previous website, which they ultimately felt trapped with. This was due to their website management system that didn’t allow them to upload the content they wanted in order to keep parents and anyone interested in their area. So, our Eighteen website team put together a modern, fast and tidy website for them, and provided training to the club on how to use it with full autonomy. Of course, if any issues arise (which they often do with websites!) then we will be there to support them and address the issues to alleviate the unnecessary digital stress and help facilitate the coaches and club volunteers and staff to work with the club’s kids.



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