The Simple Circles of SEO

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At Eighteen, we are — as you’ve probably guessed — strong believers in the no bullshit SEO approach.

Well, this requires us to be able to breakdown SEO in an incredibly simple and straightforward approach.

Through these simple circles, we are able to make SEO not just simple and straightforward, but really easy and comprehensive, too. So, let’s do it. Let’s break them down.

SEO circle one: content

How useful, relevant and optimised your webpages are.

SEO circle two: tech

How healthy your site is for Google to crawl and index.

SEO circle three: links

How authoritative your webpages are.


seo circles


You might be asking:

“Why is content not enough for my SEO?”

Having a ‘useful’ website on its own is pointless. You wouldn’t fill a library with books only to keep the entrance to it locked.

“Why is having a good website with fast speed not enough for my SEO?”

Having a ‘healthy’ website on its own is pointless. It’s akin to building a hotel on a deserted island. No one will ever know how clean the rooms are or how fast your lift is.

“Why are backlinks not enough for my SEO?”

Having an authoritative website on its own is pointless. Links and authority are a signal to Google that you’re an expert in what you’re saying. Having ONLY this circle can be likened to leading drivers to a theme park with road signs only for them to find a patch of grass with a single climbing frame and a set of swings on it.

Unless you do all three circles, you’re losing so much potential.


seo potential

It’s as simple as:

  • One SEO circle = 25% potential being fulfilled

  • Two SEO circles = 50% potential being fulfilled

  • Three SEO circles = 100% potential being fulfilled

What’s the lesson here?

The SEO lesson here is twofold:

  1. To not just ‘do SEO.’

  2. That SEO is really simple.

If you’re writing expertly written content that answers your market’s search queries, are building good and relevant backlinks to that content all on a website that has a good user experience, is fast and passes Google’s core web vitals checks…

Then you’re on track to get everything you wanted when you first realised you needed to do SEO.


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