Who decides who goes first in the search results? Google..? Me..? You..?

Have you ever wondered who decides which website appears first, second, or third in the search results? Is it solely Google’s decision or is there more to it than that?

When it comes to search engines, there are a lot of factors at play. Google, for example, uses a somewhat complex algorithm that takes into account things like website content, keywords, and backlinks. There’s also a human touch involved as those at Google are always changing the algo.

So, who ultimately decides who goes first in search engines? The answer is not as simple as you might think (or hope to think). While Google’s algorithm plays a big role, there are also human beings involved in the process.

Which search engine is THE search engine?

Have you ever wondered who decides who goes first in search engines? Is it Google? Or Bing? Or some other search engine that we don’t even know about yet? In my search for answers, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Google’s ranking algorithm

Google is undoubtedly the sovereign of search engines, some would say, unfortunately. It has an algorithm that ranks site pages based on their relevance and usefulness. The more informative and authoritative a web page is the higher it’s likely to rank. Google’s algorithm takes into account a variety of factors such as the number of backlinks, the quality of those links, and the content on the site, to list just a few.

How Bing makes decisions

Bing, on the other hand, uses a different approach. It takes into account the user’s search history, location, and other factors to deliver personalised search results. Bing also has a feature called “Bing Snapshot” that provides additional information about a search result such as reviews, maps, and social media feeds. Creepy or courteous? I’ll let you decide…

The algorithmic race

The battle between search engines is an ongoing one. Each search engine is constantly tweaking its algorithm to deliver better search results. This has led to an “algorithmic race” where search engines are constantly trying to outdo each other.

But, no one search engine decides who goes first. Each search engine has its algorithm that takes into account different factors. As a user, it’s up to us to decide which search engine we prefer based on our own needs and preferences. And it’s up to people like me to make sure you see the best results when you want to search for something.


SEO plays a vital role in determining who goes first in search engines. We are the ones who analyse and optimise websites, ensuring that they are search engine friendly and that they adhere to the latest SEO best practices.

However, even the best SEO strategists like myself can’t guarantee a website’s ranking. Search engines like Google are constantly tweaking their algorithms, making it difficult for even the most experienced SEOs to predict how a website will rank.

So then, while algorithms and artificial intelligence play a significant role in determining search engine rankings nowadays, there is still a human touch involved in the process. SEO plays an important role in determining who gets the first spot.

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